Item Tracking
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When you need complete item control in the production

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Are you in control of what has been included in the production?

There is a growing need to keep track of items and commodities in the manufacturing supply chain. This applies to companies that are subject to US legislation for compliance with legal requirements. If a customer reports a defect in a product, it is crucial that you can track the item with a quick overview and react to any deviations in quality.

What is Item Tracking?

Tracking of items and commodities in stock, production and sales

Item tracking is a solution to identify the source and destination of goods, commodities in the supply chain. As a manufacturer, you can trace the item back to the supplier, where it is used right now and throughout the manufacturing process to sale of completed product.

If the error originates from a specific series or lot number, this is tracked forward to see what this is part of and the necessary precautions can be taken – it could be recalling some items from different customers.

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Item Tracking
Item Tracking

What is the benefit of Item Tracking?

Item tracking gives you the overview to be able to react quickly to defective items

When items and commodities are assigned a tracking dimension, you have the ability to track in posted inventory transactions. Furthermore, item tracking gives production managers an overview and insight into any deviations, so that they can quickly take action and take care of quality defects.

Here are some examples of benefits you will experience from item tracking:

  • Manage the flow of items in the supply chain
  • Complete overview of an item or material’s location and inventory
  • Knowledge of where the item or commodity has been used
  • Trace back to the supplier of the specific item or product
  • Knowing how much has been delivered and to whom
  • Overview of whether defective items are included in planned production orders
  • Tracking in posted inventory transactions
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What is in Item Tracking for you?

Gain complete control over production to identify defective items

For you, this means that you have complete overview over what has been entered into in production and to whom, so you only have to recall the products where defective items have been entered into. Avoid discarding productions where the items are correct as you are in control over your inventory transactions. It saves money and ensures your continued success.

In addition, item tracking helps many manufacturers comply with regulatory requirements. This means that companies that e.g. is subject to US law, avoids expensive fines, which can have serious consequences for the company.

Item Status is the solution for successful item tracking
Item tracking_control over items in production

Who is Item Tracking relevant to?

All companies that need tracking of an item – including where it is used, how and when it was received or manufactured, transferred, sold, consumed or returned – can greatly benefit from item tracking. This has especially value to companies that are subject to U.S. law. If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV you are able to see all records for the serial or lot number, both posted and open records, such as non-posted sales orders or consumption drafts.

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Since its establishment in 2004, we have focused on production companies, primarily within the trading, technological and machinery industrial business as well as the pharmaceutical and Life Science segments. Our skilled developers and consultants have many years of experience in helping customers increase efficiency through simplified processes. We understand your business and know how important it is to be able to track and identify errors in production.

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Get complete control over what has been included in the production

ProFacto indeed has some of the credit in the functionality of item tracking in Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. We are ready to assist you with efficient forward and reverse tracking in a sequence of posted inventory transactions for serial or lot numbers.

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