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Get your intercompany order transactions to balance between companies

When you have business transactions within the organization, for instance with subsidiaries or trusted business partners, you can use Advanced Intercompany for document transaction. Standard Intercompany in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV requires considerable administration and manual work to create and execute purchase and sales orders.

That is why ProFacto developed Advanced Intercompany – an indispensable addition to the standard functionality and a tool that automates the transaction process, spares your staff a lot of manual work and minimizes reconciliation time.

Automation across companies and balanced accounts

Advanced Intercompany is a tool for Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV that automates document management between companies and is especially optimized for simplifying the process in companies within a group, such as between parent company and subsidiaries or trusted suppliers. The tool automatically synchronizes transactions between the companies, sparing your staff manual work while ensuring a better balance between the accounts.

Optimized flow of transactions with Advanced Intercompany

In the standard Intercompany setup, carrying out transactions can be time-consuming because it requires you go through a whole series of manual steps. But with the help of automated processes, Advanced Intercompany can, for example, move a purchase order over into another company/account without your having to switch between the different companies. The necessary documents are automatically generated, and the flow that was once complex is now optimized and can be performed in just minutes.

Logistics Management

Key benefits of Advanced Intercompany:

  • The possibility of automatic generation and posting of purchase and sales orders, returned goods orders, credit notes and more
  • Support and synchronization of item tracking (lot and serial numbers) between the companies
  • Ensures that all the necessary information is moved to the other company – and that it is correct
  • Ensures that you purchase and sell goods at the same prices between companies (e.g., between countries)
  • Eliminates the tedious monthly task of trying to find out why there are differences between company accounts, which also facilitates the work of your accountant.
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Who can use Advanced Intercompany?

The tool can be purchased for and used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV, and all companies who have business transactions between their own companies or trusted business partners can benefit greatly from an automatic flow.

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“Advanced Intercompany automates several steps and processes that once had to be done manually. This facilitates the work process, saves time, and creates a balance between the accounts”

Thomas Stryhn, CEO
ProFacto A/S

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