Syncronizing master data between companies

Global Master

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To ensure that the entire organization has, for instance, the same chart of accounts and dimensions

Global Master is used when an organization has multiple company accounts and master data needs to be shared across the organization. This lets you easily manage and synchronize data between companies – even when they are in different databases. It ensures data consistency and prevents errors!

To ensure that the entire organization has for instance, the same chart of accounts and dimensions, the Master Account is set up centrally and automatically implemented in the other companies.

Consistency across companies

When you need to share your organization’s master data with subsidiaries or other divisions, for example, it can be challenging to manage data across entities. With Global Master it is easy. You can automatically share data, so all entities have the same chart of accounts, the same goods, and the same data to work with. This way you ensure consistency in your data and in accounts across companies or divisions.

How does it work?

The system is set up, so the Master Account only needs to be transferred to other countries or divisions the first time. After that, only changes will be synchronized, and this happens automatically. At the same time, it is also possible to create local adaptations if goods are to be handled differently in the respective companies. An example of this is different sales taxes.

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Key benefits of Global Master

  • Fewer errors:
    Because the Master Accounts are created centrally, you avoid errors in local accounts being introduced by the organization’s subsidiaries or other local divisions. The master data that applies to all companies is locked and cannot be edited
  • More time:
    You also save time because data is maintained in just one place. So, if a financial account, for instance, needs to be changed in 120 subdivisions, you simply enter the change in the Master Account, which automatically implements the change in the divisions
  • Correct reporting:
    The tool also helps with reporting of data, as Business Intelligence needs to be based on precisely the same data in order to be used for correct reporting
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Who can use Global Master?

The tool can be purchased for and used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV.

Global Master is easy to set up in Business Central or NAV, and the tool is permission-controlled, so you choose who has access to the Master Accounts and/or to editable data.

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“Global Master ensures consistency in data across companies. It prevents errors, saves time, and produces correct reporting”

Thomas Stryhn, CEO
ProFacto A/S

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