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Webshop Integration

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With integration between e-commerce and the ERP system,
data is maintained all in one place

Here is the tool that will make your life easier if you have a webshop. Webshop Integration links your e-business or e-commerce with your ERP tool. That means goods, customers, sales prices, orders and more are synchronized with your e-commerce tools, so orders your customers make in the webshop are automatically loaded and posted in the accounting system.

No more manual exports from the webshop and manual imports to the ERP system. The days of creating and maintaining duplicate records are over. With Webshop Integration it is all done automatically.

Webshop and accounting at the same time

Webshop Integration is a tool that makes life easier if you already have or plan to get a webshop that is easily integrated with your ERP system. The tool was developed for Magento2, but can also be integrated with other webshops, such as SmartWeb. With integration between your e-commerce tool and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV, you can keep track of your prices and inventory all in one place.

How does Webshop Integration work?

When your customer creates an order in the webshop, a sales order is generated automatically in Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV, where the order can be posted. The customer is sent to a payment gateway, where the money is withdrawn as soon as the order is posted. With Webshop Integration the entire process is automated from start to finish, and you do not have to make duplicate entries – for instance, customers, goods, and price groups.

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Key benefits of Webshop Integration

  • It is easier for you to keep accounting entries of the sale
  • You only have to create and maintain records in one place. Once you have created a record in the webshop, the integration means you will see it directly in Business Central or NAV
  • You cut down on transaction costs and work time because the integration makes manual work superfluous
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Who can use Webshop Integration?

Anyone who already has a webshop or who wants to acquire an e-commerce or e-business tool and integrate it with Business Central or NAV. The tool can be used for both B2C and B2B customers and supports both single-store and multi-store webshops. You can also use it for customer portals for B2B customers.

The tool is currently optimized for Magento2 but can also be integrated with other e-commerce tools.

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“Webshop Integration saves you a whole lot of time! Where you once had to work manually to reconcile your webshop and your ERP system, it is now done automatically”

Peter Kretzmann, Head of Development
ProFacto A/S

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We would be happy to give you a demo and tell you more about how Webshop Integration can link your e-commerce and e-business with your ERP tool, to save you and your organization time and manual work. If you have a webshop other than Magento2 or SmartWeb, we will find a tool to integrate precisely your webshop.

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