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Effective web integration at Domaine Brandis

Efficient webshop and financial system integration with minimal maintenance.

Domaine Brandis ended up with some IT bandits, leaving them in chaos.

“ProFacto helped us with the integration from our webshop and financial system, so that we achieved an efficient daily work with limited maintenance and great benefits. It is very effective.”

Tom Brandis
Domaine Brandis

Listen to Pernille talk about the benefits of web integration

Automatic loading into the accounting system

Efficient integration of webshop and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

LivingSport has succeeded in automating loading into the accounting system, and only have to keep track of prices and inventory in one place.

“ProFacto is skilled at Navision and knows a lot about integration with websites. We have succeeded in going from manual to automatic loading on all websites and customer portals, so we can definitely recommend them. ”

Pernille Ravn

“ProFacto stands out with its core competencies in manufacturing – I have no doubt about that”.

Peder Irgens Seidler

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