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How to see which fields are excluded from tracking by default?2021-12-13T13:52:20+01:00

Yes, go to Four-Eyes Approval Setup and navigate to Field Exemptions. Select View System Field Exemptions to see the fields that are excluded from tracking by default.

Can I add fields to be exempt from tracking?2021-12-13T14:23:04+01:00

Yes, you can add fields that should be excluded from tracking in the list of field exemptions. Go to Four-Eyes Approval Setup and navigate to Field Exemptions. Here you can add fields to be exempted from tracking.

Will a change in a field on tracked records imply a block?2022-02-07T09:44:02+01:00

No, there are fields which are not tracked and will not imply a record to be blocked. These fields are mainly system fields and changes to these fields will not imply a block. By default, the following field types are not tracked: Binary, Blob, Guid, Media and MediaSet.

Can I accept my own changes?2022-02-14T10:38:18+01:00

In the case another user has made modifications to the same record after you made changes then you can accept all changes on the record, including your own.
The solution solely checks weather the approver is a different user than the last user who made modification to the record.

Are all changed records accepted when a user approves a change?2021-12-13T11:33:33+01:00

Yes, all changes are accepted when a blocked record is accepted.

What is Action List?2022-02-09T10:30:21+01:00

Overview and follow-up

The Action List provides an overview and helps to mature the data base – the right amounts at the right times!

What is Webshop Integration?2022-02-09T10:30:41+01:00

Have webshop sales posted in your ERP system automatically!

With integration between your webshop and your Dynamics NAV or Business Central solution, you can keep track of all your prices and stocked items in one place.

What is Advanced Data Management?2022-02-09T09:01:05+01:00

Flexible rights management at the field level that prevents errors

Advanced Data Management is a flexible solution for rights management for both entire tables and specific fields.

What is Material Shortage Calculation?2022-02-14T10:38:52+01:00

A simplified model of calculating available inventory

With a macroanalysis, you are certain there is always focus on bills of material and on what is needed to complete the production.

What is Item Status?2022-02-07T11:48:05+01:00

Full control over items at process level

By defining the status for the individual product, Item Status will automatically control the handling of the inventory at a detailed level.

What is Extended Manufacturing Registration?2022-02-14T10:39:00+01:00

Subsequent registration of costs on production orders

Extended Manufacturing Registration is a solution for registering lacking consumption on a production order after it has been closed.

What is Advanced Intercompany?2022-02-14T10:37:37+01:00

Document transactions between companies

Advanced Intercompany is a tool for automating document management between internal and external companies.

What is Global Master?2022-02-09T10:46:30+01:00

Syncronizing master data between companies

Global Master is a tool for synchronizing data between companies. When an organization comprises multiple companies, it may be required to share master data across the organization.

What is Four-Eyes Approval?2022-02-14T10:38:42+01:00

Approval system to prevent against errors and fraud

Four-Eyes Approval is a solution for managing approval of changes. To make changes in central master data tables, it is sometimes necessary to have another person approve the changes.

How to protect against errors and deception?2022-02-14T10:37:57+01:00

Four-Eyes Approal is a solution for managing change approval …

How do you ensure that another person will approve?2021-12-13T14:20:35+01:00

The system is set up with rights and processes that ensure that the person making the change is not the same person as the person making the approval.

Why does another person have to make an approval?2022-02-07T09:30:39+01:00

When companies demand increased security regarding changes in master data tables.

How can I see who and when a change in data was approved?2022-02-07T09:40:05+01:00

A log containing all changes and approvals is maintained.

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